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11. Dezember 2023
This are my top 10 AI-Tools
In this article I will introduce you to my top 10 AI tools that will make you extremely productive. Both as a freelancer and as an entrepreneur. Just test the tools for yourself and see which ones you find cool and which ones don't 🙂

Never has there been a time when so many software tools with unique capabilities have burst onto the market simultaneously. Because the release of ChatGPT has opened the way for many ideas. This revolutionary technology has shown the masses what AI can do.

I thought I’d just summarize my current 10 favorites here to give you some inspiration on what’s possible with AI and how you can let AI tools work for you.

ChatGPT by Open AI

We all know it. ChatGPT gave us an awareness of what artificial intelligence can do for the first time. In a very short time, the platform cracked the 1 million user mark and was present in really ALL media.

For those who don’t know ChatGPT: This tool generates texts.

Sounds easy. But it’s absolutely brilliant. With the right requirements, ChatGPT can be made into a copywriter, an attorney for your contracts, a straight-A student in medicine, a dictionary, a coach for just about anything, and so much more.

ChatGPT helps as a consultant for my business. So-called „priming“ can be used to generate exactly the kind of answers to your requirements that you need at that moment.

Apart from that, ChatGPT can of course summarize texts, break down complex content and simply explain it, access the Internet data in the latest version (via Bing) and now even analyze images.

I recommend everyone to just play around with the free version of ChatGPT and try out this AI tool. This link will take you directly to ChatGPT.

Website creation with 10Web

Need a new website and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a web designer?

Even though it’s very sub-optimal for my business (since I also build websites for clients), I’d like to introduce you to 10Web. An AI software that creates a WordPress website in seconds based on a short or longer description.

With Elementor, a modular system for WordPress, you can also adapt the website to your needs after generation. You can change the layout, text, images and of course the entire page structure. 10Web also offers WordPress hosting directly through their platform, so you can do everything from idea to published website through 10Web.

So if that isn’t some badass AI for all the founders out there, then I don’t know what is.

In the free version you can have the website generated. So just give it a try. I personally believe that a good web designer can produce significantly better results for a large company or personal brand. However, 10Web can be a good start for most to get a solid result with little money and knowledge.

Presentations with Tome

Built for storytellers, powered by artificial intelligence. Tome is the world’s first generative story format that harnesses the full power of artificial intelligence – allowing anyone to tell an engaging story.

At least it says so on the website of this platform. This AI tool will help you in general to create presentations. But not just any presentations. Tome uses your information to create a story on your topic. Your presentation will never be boring or uninteresting again.

That sounds pretty abstract. Maybe Tome’s introductory video can help you to better see what added value you could get from it. Imagine a world in which you never have to create a Power Point presentation again, instead the AI does everything for you.

By the way, the AI cannot just put together a structure. On command, the AI tool creates the appropriate text and images for you. And that simply by entering short, concise commands in an input field.

And you know what’s the best part about the whole thing? Creating presentations is free. As good as all AI tools, this one also has a paid version. However, not absolutely necessary. So you can try out the tool as you wish and use it for yourself.

I personally have to say that I don’t use it every day. However, when I need to create new presentations, I always try Tome first to get a first draft.

Copywriting with

Don’t want to spend a lot of money on a copywriter?

That’s when is your new best friend. Based on ChatGPT, this platform creates exactly the advertising texts that you need for your company or your self-employment. You can get inspiration or have the texts written entirely by

But it doesn’t matter whether you want to create a newsletter, place Google or Facebook ads or fill a landing page with content. This platform will create the appropriate texts for you on your instruction.

As with all platforms, there is of course a free version. Just try it out.

Document Analysis with ChatPDF

Studies, term papers or just very extensive PDFs can take a lot of time. Time that we all don’t have or would rather spend on other things than trawling through PDFs. That’s exactly why ChatPDF exists. A small but extremely powerful AI that can read, analyze and summarize PDFs using ChatGPT.

This AI answers your questions about complex and long documents. This is a powerful tool for studies. I myself often use it at university when I want to search through long studies or even understand them for the first time.

I also use it in collaborations with my clients. Here, too, long PDFs often have to be read, understood and then explained. ChatPDF helps me a lot here. I wouldn’t say that I use the tool every day. But always when my long documents overwhelm me and I need help with the analysis.

Feel free to try it. Most of this tool is also free.

Corporate Design with Looka

Logo, font, business cards, flyers. This AI tool will make many designers unemployed. Because Looka does almost all of the designer’s work for you. Finally not spending hundreds of euros on a corporate design. Instead, just get a few suggestions from Looka and you’ll have a good to very good result, which you can of course adapt to your needs.

I especially like the scope. Because Looka is not just a logo creator who uses standard templates. With an AI in the background, individual logos are usually generated for you, which is extremely important for the recognition value, especially with larger brands.

In addition to the logo, Looka also offers the option of creating business cards, flyers and other advertising material. For example, social media templates, a brand kit, which could be exciting for larger companies, and even merch that you can sell in your online shop.

Just try it out in the free version and let me know about your results.

Video creation with Kaiber

Make a video from an image or text. This is Kaiber’s speciality.

A real trend has recently emerged on TikTok that shows AI-generated content from Kaiber, among others. The AI creates many consecutive images that are cut one after the other to create a cool and unique video.

Many new video AI tools are currently coming out. However, Kaiber is the best known so far. Nevertheless, you can already take a look at Adobe Firefly. A video will be coming out in the near future.

You just have to see and try Kaiber. Can’t say much about it. Still, it’s a cool tool that can’t be missing from the list.


Founding Startup with mixo

If you want to become self-employed or start your own startup, mixo is the perfect AI for you.

Because mixo simply does everything you need for the first steps of founding a company. After you have described your startup idea, mixo creates a name, a logo and an initial landing page, including text and images.

Of course, none of this is final. But it’s an incredibly good way to avoid having to start from scratch.

In addition to the content that mixo creates for you, you can also collect e-mail addresses and feedback from your customers directly via appropriate networking with MailChip and Twitter. This is especially exciting for the founders among you who are not very familiar with setting up technology.

The use of mixo is initially free of charge. So just see what mixo spits out for your idea.

Avatar videos mit synthasia

Do you need a face for your videos?

No problem. Because synthasia provides you with voice, face and setting for your tutorials.

Yes. Maybe that’s a bit impersonal. But imagine if you had to pay someone to record thousands of tutorial videos for your employees. There would be a lot of costs for you.

In synthesia you simply enter the text that you want the AI to speak. After a few minutes you have a finished tutorial, which can then be fed with suitable stock material.

In addition, synthasia also offers many templates that can make your video stand out from the rest.

It is important to note that YouTube videos should not be created with synthesia. It will not work. But for pure information transfer via video, it is a very good alternative.

Long Texts with Moonbeam

Last but not least we have Moonbeam for you. A platform that also runs on ChatGPT. Due to the built-in optimization of the so-called prompts (commands), you can create very good blog articles and generally longer texts on Moonbeam. Chat GPT always has difficulties with this.

Nevertheless, I have to say personally that I don’t use Moonbeam very much, since I mostly write my articles myself or use ChatGPT directly. If I start my blog at PCA (my agency) again in the future, I will definitely use Moonbeam and create a lot of blog articles about this tool.

A big criticism is the completely exorbitant price of $49 per month. This is where Moonbeam needs to get even better. But the tool itself is really good and worth a closer look.

If you want to give me feedback, write to me on Instagram. I'm so excited to hear your opinion.