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My Ventures

My Store

✅ Started in July 2023

After lots of jokes with Julian, a good friend of mine, the time has come. I am building a shop here on this page that offers cool products for founders, the self-employed and entrepreneurs in the starting blocks. It’s my store. That’s why only really cool products come in. Initially only digital products and then also physical ones. The fist products are here, right now. Take a look at it and try some for free. 

People & Culture Agency

✅ Started in January 2023

In January 2023, PCA went public for the first time. We have set ourselves the mission of bringing more fun with higher productivity to German companies. PCA is a New Work and AI agency. That means we combine Artificial Intelligence with New Work models. The AI increases the productivity and effectiveness of the employees. New Work makes work more fun and everyone is more motivated.

Documenting My Journey

⏳ First Video in August 2023

A few weeks ago I made an elementary decision. I want to build a 6-figure business that generates income only from the sale of scalable products. My goal: Generate annual profit of €100,000 through these products in two years. Can I do it? No idea. But I’ll take you with me on my journey. I share everything. My failure. My success. My learnings. And my experiences. If you want to be a part of this journey, follow me on TikTok and Instagram.

Template Schmiede

✅ Started in May 2023

The joint venture founded with Sarah Müller, Template Schmiede, has specialized in the creation and sale of notion templates for bigger companies. We want to help them to get through everyday business life more productively. I don’t think I’ve ever started a startup so quickly. The shop was up and running after just a week, two finished products and three sales. 

Change Group

⏳ Starting in January 2024

When young entrepreneurs get together and want to learn from each other and grow together, magic happens. Especially when everyone is interested in progress, the future and new ideas. Everyone is welcome in the Change Group. You should only be open to „change“. Because you will definitely experience that in the Change Group.


⏳ Available 2024

An app that can be a real solution to the shortage of skilled workers. Through social education, users learn new skills. Through the Learn Journey, they can apply to potential employers. Of course also the other way around. This makes learning fun again, lifelong learning is promoted and companies get new specialists. And all this through a small app (which still needs to be developed).